Rivet Bushes 

A Rivet Bushes consist of a main shaft, an undercut which is thinner and smaller in diameter, with a serrated clinching ring, which helps secure the Rivet Bushes to the material.s. They are normally used to add a threaded hole to a sheet of material, to help add load to a soft material. 

Hex Rivet Bush
Stock CodeItem
UNF.RVB.10/32.A2S10/32 UNF Rivet Bushes x 14SWG A2S/S Rnd
BA.RVB.4.A2S4BA Rivet Bushes Hex A2S/S
BA.RVB.6.A2S6BA Rivet Bushes Hex A2S/S
WHIT.RVB.1/4.A2S1/4 WHIT Rivet Bushes Hex (x16 SWG) A2S/S
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