Weld Nut
Weld Nut (All pictures are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary)

Nut designed to be welded to another object, sometimes have projections [weld nibs], available in hexagon or square, most smaller sizes available in steel

Stock CodeItem
M.WEN.6.SC.HM6 Weld Nut Hexagon S/C
M.WEN.6.SC.SM6 Weld Nut STD Collar S/C
M.WEN.6.SCM6 Weld Nut DIN929 S/C
M.WEN.8.SCM8 Weld Nut Square DIN 928 S/C
M.WEN.10.SCM10 Weld Nut Hex DIN 929 S/C
M.WEN.16.SC.G8M16 Weld Nut Hex GR8