Slotted Nut
Slotted Nut (All pictures are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary)
Hex nut with slots cut into top side of hex that allign with holes in bolt or shaft to accept the insertion of a cotter pin, available in most sizes in steel or stainless


Stock CodeItem
M.SN.6.SC.G8M6 Slt Nut S/C GR8
M.SN.8.ZYPM8 Slt Nut ZYP (BMS)
M.SN.8.SCM8 Slt Nut S/C (BMS)
M.SN.8.SC.G8M8 Slt Nut S/C GR8
M.SN.8.A2SM8 Slt Nut A2S/S
M.SN.10.SCM10 Slt Nut S/C
M.SN.12.SC.G8M12 Slt Nut GR8
M.SN.12.BMSM12 Slt Nut BMS
M.SN.14.Z.G8M14 Slt Nut * Zinc GR8
M.SN.16.ZM16 Slt Nut Hex Zinc* C/F
M.SN.16.ZYPM16 Slt Nut Hex ZYP C/F
M.SN.16.BBMSM16 Slt Nut Hex Black BMS
M.SN.18.SCM18 Slt Nut S/C
M.SN.20.SC.G8M20 Slt Nut Hex S/C GR8
M.SN.20.ZYP.G8M20 Slt Nut Hex ZYP GR8
M.SN.22.SCM22 Slt Nuts S/C
M.SN.24.SCM24 Slt Nut S/C BMS
M.SN.24.SC.G8M24 Slt Nut S/C GR8
M.SN.27.SC.G8M27 Slt Nut S/C GR8
M.SN.30.SC.G8M30 Slt Nut S/C GR8
M.SN.30.BMSM30 Slt Nut BMS
M.SN.33.SCM33 Slt Nut S/C
M.SN.36.SC.G8M36 Slt Nut S/C GR8
M.SN.36.SCM36 Slt Nut S/C BMS
M.SN.48.BMSM48 Slt Nut BMS
M.SN.80.SCM80 Slt Nut