Dome Nut
Dome Nut (All pictures are shown for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary)
Sometimes called acorn nuts, have domed tops to cover and protect threads, often used for cosmetic reasons as they look nice, available in most sizes in steel, stainless and brass
Stock CodeItem
BA.DN.2.SC2BA Dome Nut S/C
BA.DN.2.BNK2BA Dome Nut Brass Nickel
BA.DN.2.BR2BA Dome Nut Brass
BA.DN.2.BC2BA Dome Nut Brass Chrome
BA.DN.4.Z4BA Dome Nut Zinc
BA.DN.6.SC6BA Dome Nut S/C
BA.DN.6.Z6BA Dome Nut Zinc
BA.DN.6.BR6BA Dome Nut Brass