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mixed coatings

Which Coating?

Fasteners in a range of coatings Fasteners are often produced in a range of coating options.  Coating affects the durability and cosmetic finish of a product. Below is a brief…

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AVAILABLE NOW to our Facebook and eBay shop....Set screws But don't despair while you are waiting for our set screws to be added you can still get the majority of…

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Fine (UNF) and Coarse (UNC) threads


How to measure the thread The pitch is the distance from the crest of one thread to the next in mm. TPI (Threads per inch) is used by inch thread Standard Otherwise known as…

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Fine (UNF) and Coarse (UNC) threads

Which Thread??

Missed our Which Thread blog post? No worries read again here. Which Thread? At Arun Fasteners, we stock a variety of thread options for all types of fasteners.  Below is…

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marine diesel engine


Here at Arun Fasteners some of our customers have been restoring Gardner Diesel Engines with BSF Fasteners. BSF meaning British Standard Fine, an old-style British thread. Often used on vintage…

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